Payment Options

Request for ACH or Credit Card Payments

In order to ensure employee safety during the COVID-19 situation, we are asking customers that are able to make future payments via ACH or credit card instead of mailing paper checks. Automated payments will allow more of our staff to work remotely during this time.

If you are unable to pay by ACH or credit card, we will continue to process your check payments as they are received.

If you choose to make a credit card payment, please fill out the credit card information and authorization and send to Please note that it is Chandler Systems Inc.'s policy that if a credit card is used that any Net 10 day discount terms do not apply.

If you choose to send an ACH, please send your remittance details to

Security Protocol

To help prevent fraud, note that Chandler Systems Inc. has not changed banks in 20+ years and if confirmation of the validity of this request is needed please use the below contact information. Note that if you go to voicemail to please leave a message and someone will call you back.

By Phone: 888-363-9434 ext 138 (Tara Miller)

888-363-9434 ext 201 (Zachary Ensman)

By Email:

Available Payment Methods

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